Tony is 100% pro-life and believes in protecting life from conception until natural death.

There is nothing more sacred and fundamental than the sanctity of human life — an

inalienable, God-given right.

As a state representative, Tony will vote to protect the right to life and will continue to

fight and pray for the day we will finally put an end to abortion, our nation’s greatest

tragedy, which has taken the lives of over 60 million unborn babies.

The abortion industry itself must also be held accountable for its deceptive practices

that take advantage of women and men in difficult situations.


Tony believes the U.S. Constitution and Arkansas Constitution are very clear on the citizen’s individual right to keep and bear arms. “Shall not be infringed” is not a suggestion; it is the law of the land.


These rights were never made just for the sole purpose of hunting, but for every individual to be able to defend himself and loved ones. Tony will fight to protect these rights from anti-gun activists pushing gun control laws that would take away our freedoms.

2nd Amendment

Tony believes the government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. As a Republican, Tony supports lowering the tax burden on all Arkansans. At the same time we are cutting taxes, we cannot be raising them elsewhere. State government has to show much more restraint in spending and understand that the people of Arkansas create businesses and jobs, not the government.


Parents know best when it comes to their own children. All students should have equal access to educational options regardless of income or zip code. 


Tony believes parents — not the government — have the right to direct their children’s education and they should have the option to choose.


Tony will fight for quality education and school choice for all students, including career and technical training.


As a houseparent for Second Chance Youth Ranch, Tony has seen firsthand the struggles children in foster care deal with on a daily basis.  He believes that reunification, when possible, should be the primary goal. Beyond that, making sure children's physical, emotional, social, and developmental needs are met are crucial for a child’s long term success. Tony will be a fierce advocate for children in foster care.

Foster Care